Theodore Roosevelt was one of the most avid outdoorsmen and journal writers in American history.  From childhood, through his presidency, and beyond, he kept a written commentary on his observations of the natural world, his thoughts, and aspirations.  After reading just about everything he wrote and spending more than a little time in the wilderness myself, I was inspired to create this journal...The Roosevelt.  The cover is American Bison leather and features a hand-carved leather panel inspired by the custom holster Roosevelt wore during his days as a rancher in the Badlands.  There is a pencil pocket on the front and a beautiful Palomino Blackwing #602 pencil is included. Inside, special front/back paper recalls the bygone days of hand-made books and protects 120 pages (240 front and back - REFILLABLE -  of lined heavy paper.

Dogwoods and Daffodils is another executive portfolio that holds an 8.5x11 inch pad of paper, a pen, and looses papers in the front flap.  It is entirely hand made, from the carving, to the dying, to the stitching and finishing.  It is carved front and back, as well as inside.  With this on your desk, it's alwasy Spring!

This highly detailed leather executive portfolio features a Sheridan-style carved front and back.  The center flower is framed by leaves and vines and sets on a textured, contrasting color background.  Hand dyed a rich brown and antiqued to make the detail stand out, you'll feel like a stand out when you walk into a room with this in your hand!

Imagine walking into your next meeting with this beautiful executive portfolio!  Carved in a traditional Sheridan floral design, it features flowing vines, stunning flowers and beautiful leaves both front and back.  Fully lined and with a pocket for loose papers on the inside front, it also holds a full pad of 8.5x11 paper and a pen.  With this, you'll love taking notes!

Below are some samples of my work.   Please contact me if you would like to request a quote on a similar piece.

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